Design Elements - Line

A line can be thought of as points so close together that they lose their individual identity and form a new entity.

Since lines can be straight, curved, or irregularly shaped, you can also think of a line as the track of a point in motion.

Vertical lines can stop eye movement.

They also equate to power and strength.

Horizontal lines symbolize rest and relaxation.

Diagonal lines are dynamic and action-oriented.

Lines, like points, can direct attention to a specific location in a visual image.

Thick lines are more powerful than thin lines.

Lines act as a borders between ideas, concepts, or steps in a sequence.

Lines allow you to quickly visualize an object or idea with a minimum of time and material.

By emphasizing basic structure, objects depicted through line drawings are easy to recognize and can be effective for learning.

Lines serve a multitude of purposes in visual displays. They also form shapes.